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“Russian State Ballet” theatre of the Moscow area occupies its special, respectable place. Its own reputation has been gained for 35 years. That period was enough for the theater to test its strength, especially with the boom of numerous ballet companies popping up and just as swiftly vanishing into the air.

Surely, with the years passed by the cast of the ballet company was being changed. Each ballet dancer, either a man or a woman, gone through a tough casting, contributed into developing the the­ater and winning in its creative process those “peaks” that nowa­days fall almost in the evaluation category. Today the title of a dancer of the “Russian State Ballet” is already considered to be “a trade mark”. Now one can gladly see the wonderful artists being the members of the ballet company cast. /4s a leader Vyacheslav Gordeev used to its fullest his fame and personality charm as well as the highest prestige of his. He was fostering not just a com­pany of high performance class and outstanding skills. There ap­peared a diverse program, focused on serious academic performances, masterpieces of classical heritage and, at the same time, genuinely interested in and treasuring the best cre­ations of the modern choreographers. This is a repertoire of matchless quality: it attracts the artists, captivates and nurtures them and with the master training right by their side to crown it all, it develops the potential of the theater both from administrative and artistic point of view.

Today “Russian State Ballet” numbers 100 persons.Svetlana Ustyuzhaninova,Anna Shcherbakova, Iuliia Zviagina Elena Osokina, Daria Darina, Anastasiia Kolesnikova, Erika Kolotova,Dmitry Kotermin, Maksim Fomin, Anton Geyker, Dmitriy Protsenko are starring in the performances just the way it was before. However, the cast of the theater is annually renewed by talented graduates of the choreographic colleges from the city of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Perm, Ufa, Novosibirsk. Lots of young ballet dancers became prize winners at the international competitions.

The Japanese ballet dancer, Morihiro Ivata got his Grand Prix, having leading parts in the “Russian State Ballet” theater per­formances, where he was attaining the excellence of his skills to­gether with his country people as well as with the artists from Mongolia, South Korea, America and Australia. The triumph of “the flying Japanese “was determined not only by rehearsing with V.Gordeev, but to a considerable extent by the breathe taking act staged by the latter especially for the competitor: “Coaching the passengers before the flight to Tennessee” revealed to the utmost the expressiveness of the Japanese ballet dancer.

Thus, the mysteries and technique of the performing art is given over from one generation to the other - from one artist to the fel ballet dancer.

“Russian State Ballet” is a company of leading ballet dancers. As to the unlikeness of the individuals, which are of foremost impor­tance here, the theater remembers “the school”. That is why per­forming in unison doesn’t happen to be a boring monotony. “Russian State Ballet” was intended and created for Russian peo­ple. It is of educational mission. It is not incidentally after all, that the house of the theater happened to find itself not in the center of Moscow, but in Kuzminki region. In the building made of white marble and red brick, which architecturally coincides with the Kremlin structures, there were arranged very comfortable re­hearsal class rooms, wardrobes and the sections of support serv­ices. And a well equipped stage!

However, not only regional spectators attend the performances staged in Kuzminki. Ballet admirers from all over the capital come over, quite often a foreign speech can be heard as well.

It doesn’t mean though, that the theater stopped leading its no­madic way of life. The performances in the Russian upcountry continue to alternate with the best stages of Saint Petersburg, Odessa, Minsk, Kharkov, Vilnius... And they bring to the theater thousands of new worshipers. In the world map you can see the tour routes running from the North to the South, from the East to the West, they crossed the meridian of Greenwich and equator. USA, Mexico, Western Europe, Australia, India, Nepal, Indone­sia, Persian Gulf countries... Many countries wait for and wel­come the artists annually.

The English “Western Morning News” confessed, “It is a great piece of luck for any person to face such a splendor of the Russ­ian modern talent”

In Germany “Russian State Ballet” became the winner of the “Golden Ticket”, a kind of evidence that an audience of more than one hundred thousand people attended its performances within the framework of one tour only.

In the year 1991 the Theater, named by the magazine “Journal” to be the” Ballet Talents Window”, was honored the title of “ The Best Ballet Company in Europe”, awarded by the Association of Western European Impresarios. The golden medals of Italian cities Cento and Mirandola joined the numerous awards of the Ballet Company; several cities of France, USA and Mexico chose the artists of “Russian State Ballet” to be their honorary citizens. And in the homeland the art of the Theater never ceased to be highly appreciated and the eloquent proof to the fact is the Prize of the Russian Federation Government named after Fyodor Volkov, “ Russian State Ballet” was honored with in the year 2005. The history of the “Russian State Ballet” is to be continued...

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