Chinese ballet and acrobatic show "Nutcracker"

The ballet and acrobatic show "Nutcracker" is new, on what not the similar dramatized representation in which the circus and the ballet, acrobatic tricks and numbers of masters of a kung fu are connected.

It is the brilliant ballet of the Russian composer told by the Chinese actors in language of circus.

On a scene it will be at the same time possible to see 50 acrobats and 12 tons of exotic scenery accompanied by lighting and sound effects. Everyone to whom will have the luck to visit show of the Chinese acrobats, will become the witness of revolution in the world of circus representations and revolution in the world of choreography.

The wonderful performance having nothing in common with theatrical and circus performances habitual to us will be presented to the audience. A performance in which the ballet is combined with ancient magic of the Chinese circus, the performance based on the Buddhist idea of gravitation and the Chinese traditions of magic theater.

The story of the Nutcracker told once by Hoffman and embodied in the ballet by Tchaikovsky will find new life in show of the Chinese circus and ballet masters.

The ballet and acrobatic show "Nutcracker" will open for you doors to the unprecedented world where the fragility of ballet choreography multiplied by circus numbers at ultra boundary height and figured soaring in air turns into the finest circus and the most dangerous ballet!

Undoubtedly, one of the best Chinese Illusionists who the even most convinced skeptics will force to believe in a miracle became decoration of a performance.

- "It is impossible! How he does is?" - believe, you won't be able to answer this question even if will watch each movement of the well-known illusionist from the first row, having armed with the field-glass! So simply enjoy a fantastic show and derive pleasure, observing as children jump up from delight, without taking eyes from the Illusionist working wonders with improbable, incomprehensible and unknown speed!

About the troupe

The Dalian acrobatic troupe was several times nominated by the Ministry of Culture of China for an outstanding contribution to national culture of China, received more than 200 prestigious awards, both in China, and beyond its limits.

The troupe reached the world popularity thanks to the Chinese acrobatic version of the classical Russian ballet "Nutcracker" which tours took place more than in 60 countries of the world.