We invite you to embark on a theatrical journey of 250 million years ago to learn about the life of the most perfect, perfectly adaptable creatures created by nature itself - dinosaurs.

A journey to the Jurassic period is not just a theatrical performance, but a detailed investigation into the real life of these animals. We will reveal to you the deadly secrets of dinosaurs, by the remains, footprints and bones, we will find out when and how these impressive animals walked, we will build a chain of life for dinosaurs, we will unveil the mystery of how they managed to survive for more than 160 million years, we will confirm many facts, and some and refute.

Full-scale animatronic robots dinosaurs, animatronic costumes, incredible special effects, realistic scenery, unique video content, scientific precision of execution, spectacularity and full immersion in the atmosphere of the Jurassic period are the main characteristics of the frighteningly realistic show for the whole family “Age of Dinosaurs. A Journey to the Jurassic Period.

The duration of the show is 100 minutes (with intermission).